About Myself

We all have stories for our lives. Most of the time, we tell them unconsciously to ourselves and to others. For example, how’s your day been so far? The answer you’re thinking of right now is a story, and the fun part is you have the ability to define your story. You might not be able to change the events and circumstances that happen in your life, but you can certainly choose the meaning for them. The NLP Stories have now become a part of the folklore and it has become difficult to trace all the sources. Some of the stories are my own. I suspect that many came from David Gorden, an early Pioneer of NLP but one fascinated and made me stayed with NLP was of a Young Man Anthony Robbin whose otherworldly persuasive powers and brash brand of popular insight have grown into Robbins Research International, a life-coaching empire. Throughout his writings, seminars, and speeches, Robbins espouses viewpoints, techniques, and other practices he asserts help adherents improve their lives. He speaks about various "human needs, influences that affect people, the power of making decisions, and the need to achieve emotional mastery”
Aftab Siddiqui a MBA in Marketing with a decade years of interacting experience with national and International clients opened ways for him to learn influencing tools to create understanding of the people and influence their thinking and behavior. The quest for searching such tools introduces Aftab Siddiqui to NLP a Science encompassing Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People to change their lives.
“I believed then and as I do now that everybody has a leader within and we can transform for the better the way we communicate with each other the way we work. My decade market experience of People interaction has shown me that human communication is good business communication and can help people to transform their personal and social life. I was aware of the quality and the enormity of the changes that could take place even though I could not predict them precisely. And I certainly could not have predicted the changes in my own circumstances. I have transformed the way I think, believe and work. I believe that we can create a culture of abundance in the way we think, feel, manage our emotions and grow our work culture and consequently I have set up my own website with the goal of giving away as many of my thoughts and Ideas as quickly as I can.Ideas grow into places where there is space for them.NLP Provides a way of capitalizing on your unique experience and valuing it in a way that is special and provides a natural differentiation. My aim is to attract the people and the companies who can benefit in terms of making change in their personal and professional life from the kind of work I do and the way I do it”

Certified Career Counsellor 92%

MBA 88%

NLP Trainer 85%

Corporate Trainer 90%

Educationist 88%

Speaker 90%

  • 10 Years


    MBA with more than 9 Years of corporate experience in interacting with national and international client in various profile.e.g. Marketing,Client Management,Business Development,Project Management etc

  • MBA Marketing

  • Pursuing Psychologist

Our Products / Services


• Unbiased Exploration Of Various Career Opportunities To Make You Aware Of All Possible Careers Fitting To Your Choices
• Exploration Of All Career Options In Science, Commerce, Humanities & Their Colleges And Entry Routes
• Overseas Career Options-Us,Uk,Hong Kong And Singapore
• Guidance On Selecting The Right Subjects/Stream As Well As Courses Suiting Best For Students
• Personal Guidance To Students And Parents To Explore Child’s Inborn Capabilities And Interest
• Personal Counseling Through Psychometric Assessment To Recommend Career According To Your Skill, Intelligence, Personality Traits, Motivations, And Interests


• How Are Memories Formed
• How Our Mind Learn Faster & Retain Longer
• How To Improve Concentration, Interest & Focus
• How To Remember Studies Content 10x Faster
• Quickly Learn Vocabulary, Formulae, Metal Facts, And Inventors & Inventions Etc.
• Quickly Memorize Nitrogen Cycle, Vitamin Sources, And Uses Of Nitric Acid Etc.
• How To Memorize Long Maps Quickly
• How To Memorize Long Answers
• How To Memorize History Dates And Much More


• Learn How To Deal With Stress & Anxiety Before It Becomes A Health Problem
• Remove Anxiety Or Unwanted Sensations Before Exam
• Eliminate Negativity, Frustration Etc. From Life
• Live Exercise To Change Inner Voice Conflict For Studies
• Develop Self-Confidence With Practical Exercises
• Exercise: Relaxation Technique To Eliminate Stress
• Exercise: Break Patterns Of Stress And Anxiety And Stay In Resourceful Zone


• Understand What Is Depression And Where It Comes From & How To Prevent It In Future
• Preventive Steps For Quickly Breaking Patterns Of Depression Before It Becomes Health Problem
• How To Identify And Change Negative Habitual Response Patterns
• Exercise- Installing The Pattern Of Delightfulness In Places Of Where Depression Lives In Subconscious Mind
• Exercise-Drag Away The Unwanted Past Painful Memories Which Is Root Cause Of Depression
• Exercise- Transform Your Inner Self Image To Reprogram Your Thoughts Pattern And Much More


• How To Define Well-Formed Outcome/Goals In Life
• Understand Obstacles & Beliefs Holding You Back To Achieve Your Goals
• Learn The Secrets Behind Most People Failures In Achieving Their Goals
• How To Know You Are Succeeding Towards Your Outcome Through Strategies & Techniques
• Live Exercises To Visualize, Audit And Plan Your Goals
• Learn The Effective Art Of Time Management


• Building Positive Teacher/Student Relationship
• How To Grab Students Attention & Control Noisy Classroom
• Eliminate Confrontation
• Reduce Behavior Problems
• Conduct Interactive And Engaging Lecture With Less Effort & Better Results
• Live Meditation Exercise For Installing Behavior Management Patterns In Subconscious Mind And Much More


• Social Skills & Etiquette Defined
• How To Create A Positive And Lasting First Impression
• Handshake Etiquette
• Small Courtesies To Habitually Practice
• Telephone Etiquette
• Grooming Etiquette
• Table Etiquette


• What Preparations Be Made For Interview
• First Impression And Application Template
• Grooming And Going After The Job
• Do`s And Dont`s For The Interview
• Interviewer`s Questions
• The Candidate`s Questions


• Common Mistakes Of Parenting
• Understand Your Child State
• Create Interest In Child For Studies With NLP Technique
• Transform Inner Self Image Of Child With NLP Technique
• How To Develop Senses Of Your Child
• Changing Inner Voice Of Your Child For Studies
• Self-Suggestion For Parents And Much More


• Effective Tips For Successful Presentation Skills
• Common Mistakes Made By Presenters
• How To Overcome Anxiety During Presentation
• Eye Contact And Facial Expression Tips
• Know The Importance Of Movement And Gestures
• Live Exercise To Visualize Yourself Speaking Confidently On Stage


• Understand The Crucial Ingredient That Makes A Successful Team
• Teamwork Defined For Students
• Understand The Power Of Teamwork With Illustration
• Understand Importance Of Team Work With Live Demonstration
• Team Practice Application
• Recap/Post-Assessment And Feedback